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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Microsoft Research Cambridge

Our proposal Geometric Intelligence on Geometry Processing was selected by Microsoft Research Cambridge (in the frame of the Microsoft call for proposals tools for advancing science ). This year, in the frame of this project, we developed advanced visualization algorithms for molecular graphics, symmetry detection algorithms, and vectorization techniques.

Gocad Consortium

The Gocad software is developed in the context of a consortium that encloses more than forty universities and thirty oil and gas companies around the world. This software is dedicated to modeling and visualizing the underground. ALICE studies the mathematical aspects of geo-modeling, and develops efficient numerical algorithms to solve the underlying optimization problems. The cooperation is formalized by several co-advised Ph.D. thesis (Laurent CastaniƩ, Luc Buatois, Thomas Viard), and courses on numerical optimization given by ALICE researchers in the school of geology. Guillaume Caumon (head of Gocad consortium) is an external collaborator of the ALICE project-team.

ATI and NVidia

We have signed Non Disclosure Agreements with ATI and NVidia. We experiment their new APIs to implement high performance GPGPU computations, i.e., using the graphic board as a high-performance numerical computation engine (Luc Buatois).


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