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Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: New Results


Participants : Aurélien Bocquet, Christophe Gransart [ correspondant ] .

Since several years, we collaborate with the Laboratoire Electronique, Ondes et Signaux pour les Transports (LEOST laboratory) of the french Institut National de REcherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité (INRETS institute), and especially with Christophe Gransart in the context of the french ANR ARA REVE funded project  [45] . This collaboration focuses on the investigation of middleware solutions enabling adaptive mobility. In particular, in the domain of railway communicative applications, Aurélien Bocquet works on an approach composed by a generic programming model, which proposes different kinds of synchronous, asynchronous, and design-pattern-based communications  [39] , [40] , [22] . It is also composed by a combination of communication models, ensuring interoperability with standard middlewares, and offering capabilities of enhanced communications, able to adapt to changes of context. Adaptation policies define the rules of combination of models, regarding context observations, in order to behave the most efficient way, considering its evolution. Dynamic adaptation mechanisms allow the approach to propose to handle context changes in real-time, and allow the reconfiguration of the running system in order to answer to deployment needs. This approach has been validated on problems caused by the use of an embedded Internet proxy in trains. Furthermore, we have implemented a multi-model software infrastructure, offering all the concepts of the approach. This work has been done in the context of Aurelien's PhD Thesis  [11] .


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