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Section: Software

Keywords : Real-Time Java.


Participants : Frédéric Loiret, Michal Malohlava, Philippe Merle, Aleš Plšek [ correspondant ] , Lionel Seinturier.

The work on Soleil is the subject of Aleš Plšek's Ph.D. thesis and is a component-based software framework to support development of Real-Time Java (RTJ) based applications in the Fractal component model. The goal of the framework is to automatically generate an execution infrastructure of a software system that will be executed under real-time conditions as it is described in  [29] , [30] . The Soleil framework is able to substantially alleviate the whole process of developing RTSJ-based applications. The key motivation for the project is to shield developers from the complexities of RTSJ related code and allow them to focus only on development of the application logic. The Soleil framework is divided into several parts. First, we introduce a component model which is specifically designed for RTSJ and allows designers to manipulate with RTSJ concerns at the architectural level. Second, Soleil proposes a methodology of designing architectures of real-time Java applications. Finally, when the application is designed, the framework is used to automatically generate an infrastructure that corresponds to this real-time architecture.


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