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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives

INRIA Associated Project NeurOMIMe

Participants : Pierre Hellier, Sylvain Prima, Pierre Jannin, Sean-Patrick Morrissey, Xavier Morandi, Simon Duchesne, Pierrick Coupe, Daniel Garcia, Nicolas Wiest-Daesslé, Malar Chakravarty, Christian Barillot.

duration : 36 months, from 01/01/2006

NeurOMIMe ( )stands for "Objective Medical Image Methods Evaluation for Neurological and Neurosurgical Procedures". This International INRIA action is coordinated by Christian Barillot (Visages) and Louis Collins (IPL, Univ. McGill) and relates research dealing with medical image processing in clinical neurosciences performed in both collaborative sites: IRISA/Visages on one part and the Image Processing Laboratory of the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre at the Montreal Neurological Institute (Univ. Mc Gill, Montreal, Canada) on the other part.

The officiel 2007 report is available online

Alliance (Egide) joint Project with the MARIARC (Magnetic Resonance And Image Analysis Research Centre) at the University of Liverpool

Participants : Sylvain Prima, Sean-Patrick Morrissey.

duration : 24 months, from 01/01/2007

This project is coordinated by Sylvain Prima and Laura Parkes (Univ. Liverpool) and aims to develop methods for the fully automatic detection and quantification of multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions and normal appearing white matter with dynamic Gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.


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