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Section: New Results

Anatomical and functional imaging in dysphasia

Participants : Clément De Guibert, Arnaud Biraben, Pierre Jannin, Christian Barillot.

Previous neuroimaging studies have been reviewed, with a distinction of specified and unspecified dysphasias  (De Guibert C., Allaire C., Le Rumeur E. “Morphologic and functional neuroimaging findings in specified and unspecified dysphasias (specific language impairments): review and perspectives”, submitted to Cortex.). The study has been designed [Objectives; Method (activation tasks, MRI protocol; data analysis); Subjects (patients' selection and criteria)]. To test the MRI protocol and the processing method, a pilot study has been conducted with normal adult and children subjects. Tests have been conducted with the initial standard preprocessing and processing tool (Statistical Parametric Mapping, SPM02 and SPM05). The preprocessing and processing steps and parameters have been specified. This work has been performed in tight collaboration with University Hospital of Rennes especially with Drs. JC Ferré and E. Le Rumeur from the neuroradiology department and C. Allaire from the 'Language Clinic'.


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