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TULIPE ( Three dimensional ULtrasound reconstruction Incorporating Prob Etrajectory) was developed using Vistal and is a registered at APP under IDDN.FR.001.120034.S.A.2006.000.21000. 3D freehand ultrasound is a technique based on the acquisition of B-scans, which can be parallel or not, whose position in 3D space is known by a 3D localizer (optic or magnetic) attached to the probe. From these irregularly distributed B-scans and their positions, a regular 3D lattice volume can be reconstructed. This reconstruction step is needed to apply conventional 3D computer vision algorithms like volumetric registration and segmentation, but is still an acute problem with regards to computation time and reconstruction quality. Tulipe explicitly takes into account the 3D probe trajectory. In the classical distance weighted interpolation, the interpolation kernel is composed of the orthogonal projections of the current point on the closest B-scans. In Tulipe, the interpolation kernel is composed of intersections between the probe trajectory (passing through the current point) and the closest B-scansĀ  [43] .


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