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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Keywords : testing, test generation, vocal phone services.

France Telecom R&D

Participants : Camille Constant, Thierry Jéron, Vlad Rusu.

The goal of this 3-year project (starting October 2004) is to build a platform for the formal validation of France Telecom's vocal phone services. Vocal services are based on speech recognition and synthesis algorithms, and they include automatic connection to the callee's phone number by pronouncing her name, or automatic pronounciation of the callee's name whose phone number was dialed in by the user. Here, we are not interested in validating the voice recognition/synthesis algorithms, but on the logic surrounding them. For example, the system may allow itself a certain number of attempts for recognizing a name, after which it switches to normal number-dialing mode, during which the user may choose to go back to voice-recognition mode by pronouncing a certain keyword. This logic may become quite intricate, and this complexity is multiplied by the number of clients that may be using the service at any given time. Its correctness has been identified by France Telecom as a key factor in the success of the deployment of voice-based systems. To validate them we are planning to apply a combination of formal verification and conformance testing techniques (cf. Section  6.2.1 ). In the context of Camille Constant's PhD, we also study test generation from models of programs with recursion (pushdown automata and extensions).


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