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New Results
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Section: New Results

Statistical analysis

Participants : Samy Tindel, Pierre Vallois.

The works presented in this Section are developed within the workshop between the probability and statistics teams of Institut Élie Cartan and the group led by B. Bihain, the head of the Laboratoire de Médecine et Thérapie Moléculaire (INSERM, Nancy).

Estimation of uptake kinetics

The articles [Oops!] , [Oops!] present some method to estimate parameters in vivo uptake kinetics of photo-sensitizing drugs into cancer cells in presence of random timing errors.

Statistical analysis of genes variations

The article [Oops!] presents a statistical analysis of sequence variations of 17 abundantly expressed genes in a large set of human EST's originating from either normal or cancer samples, which allows to show that cancer EST's have greater variations than normal for 70% of the tested genes.


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