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Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

The mainstream applications of TAO are, since its creation, autonomous robot control, medical applications, and engineering applications. Software robotics is still an active application domain (see section 6.4.2 , and several applications involving numerical engineering are on-going (section 6.4.1 ).

However, most medical applications have been hindered as the dialogue with experts could not take place to the required extent. In the neighbour domain of neurosciences (in the context of Neurodyne ACI), the collaboration was effective (Michele Sebag, Nicolas Tarrisson, Olivier Teytaud, Julien Lefevre, and Sylvain Baillet. A multi-objective multi-modal optimisation approach for mining stable spatio-temporal patterns. In 20 thInt. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-07) , pages 859-864, 2007.), and led to start the DigiBrain project, concerned with Brain Computer Interface, within the Digiteo structure, involving LRI, INRIA, CEA List and Neurospin, and starting in 2008.

Moreover, two new fields of applications have appeared, due to the arrival of new staff on the project:

All those applications are described in detail along the text, most of them in section 6.4 .


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