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Section: New Results

Reasoning about operational semantics

Participants : David Baelde, Dale Miller.

The operational semantics of programming and specification languages is often presented via inference rules and these can generally be mapped into logic programming-like clauses. Such logical encodings of operational semantics can be surprisingly declarative if one uses logics that directly account for term-level bindings and for resources, such as are found in linear logic. Traditional theorem proving techniques, such as unification and backtracking search, can then be applied to animate operational semantic specifications. Of course, one wishes to go a step further than animation: using logic to encode computation should facilitate formal reasoning directly with semantic specifications. In the paper [44] , Miller outlined an approach to reasoning about logic specifications that involves viewing logic specifications as theories in an object-logic and then using a meta-logic to reason about properties of those object-logic theories.

The Bedwyr system (described in the Software section) has been used to validate at least some of the design ideas presented in [44] . These results are encouraging and the team plans to develop those themes to a greater extent.


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