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Section: Overall Objectives


ODYSSEE focuses on computational neuroscience and some of its applications. We try to unveil the principles that govern the functioning of neurons and assemblies thereof, to understand the relations between the anatomy of the human brain and its functions and to use our results to bridge the gap between biological and computational vision. Our work is very mathematical but we make heavy use of computers for numerical experiments and simulations. We have close ties with several top groups in biological neuroscience. We are pursuing the idea that the "unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics" can also be brought to bear on neuroscience.

We conduct research in the following five main areas.

  1. Modeling and simulating single neurons

  2. Modeling and simulating assemblies of neurons

  3. Measuring and modeling the human brain anatomical connectivity using diffusion magnetic resonance.

  4. Measuring and modeling the functioning of the human brain through its electrical activity using magneto- and electroencephalography.

  5. Computational and biological vision.


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