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Section: Software

The SpaCEM 3 program

Participants : Juliette Blanchet, Sophie Chopart, Florence Forbes.

The SpaCEM 3 (Spatial Clustering with EM and Markov Models) program replaces the former, still available, SEMMS (Spatial EM for Markovian Segmentation) program developed with Nathalie Peyrard from INRA Avignon.

SpaCEM 3 proposes a variety of algorithms for image segmentation, supervised and unsupervised classification of multidimensional and spatially located data. The main techniques use the EM algorithm for soft clustering and Markov Random Fields for spatial modelling. The learning and inference parts are based on recent developments based on mean field approximations. The main functionalities of the program include:

The former SEMMS functionalities, ie.

And additional possibilities such as,

The SEMMS package, written in C, is publicly available at: . The SpaCEM 3 written in C++ is available at . Sophie Chopart started working on an improved version including a user interface that should be available in 2008.


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