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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Visites, et invitations de chercheurs

Exchanges within the Associated Team SPARS

In the framework of the INRIA Associated Team SPARS, several junior and senior researches from LTS2 (EPFL) visited the METISS group in 2007. A first visit by Pierre Vandergheynst and Karin Schnass was the occasion to complete a paper on the theoretical analysis of multichannel sparse approximation algorithms, which is currently submitted for publication. These results were presented at several international conferences this year. During a visit by Anna Llagostera and Gianluca Monaci, we experimented with multimodal signal models, using visual information from audiovisuel data to train audio source models for single channel source separation. Independently from the SPARS Associated Team, with the help of GDR ISIS - CNRS funding, we invited Matthieu Kowalski, a Ph.D. student with Bruno Torrésani at LATP, Université de Provence, for a one month visit where we studied iterative optimization algorithms for structured multichannel decompositions, experimenting their possible applications to convolutive source separation.

Visit to the LTL Lab in Mexico

Guillaume Gravier visited the Language Technology Lab (LTL) at the INAOE (Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica, Puebla, Mexico) for two month in July and August 2007 with the goal of a collaboration in the field of spoken document analysis. This stay has been the opportunity to investigate the application of the natural language processing techniques developed at LTL (text segmentation, clustering, summarization ...) on the output of the IRENE transcription system. Experiments have been carried out on text segmentation and on text pattern discovery. As a result of this exploratory visit (INRIA exploratory visit program 01AUTR5050-8), a more formal collaboration with the LTL is under study, targeting in particular a joint participation in the QAst (Question Answering on speech transcriptions) track of the CLEF evaluation campaign.


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