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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European initiatives

Associated Team SPARS with EPFL

Participants : Rémi Gribonval, Boris Mailhé, Simon Arberet, Benjamin Roy, Sylvain Lesage.

A bilateral collaboration with the Signal Processing group (LTS2) led by Pierre Vandergheynst at EPFL (Switzerland) was initiated a few years ago within the HASSIP European research training network. Since 2005, thanks to bilateral funding by the foreign affairs ministry, the collaboration has been reinforced, and has lead to several student exchanges and academic visits, including a two month visit of Rémi Gribonval at EPFL in the summer of 2006. Since the fall of 2005, a co-supervised Ph.D. thesis (Boris Mailhé) has started to reinforce even more the collaboration, and an INRIA Associated Team called SPARS officially started in January 2007 to strengthen and build upon this collaboration in the coming years. The collaboration resulted so far in joint theoretical contributions on sparse signal approximation, as well as on multimodal audiovisual signal analysis, using the complementary competences in audio (METISS) and image/video (LTS2) applications of sparse signal models.


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