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Section: Dissemination

Conferences, Invited conferences

F. Campillo, J. Harmand, C. Lobry and A .Rapaport have delivered lectures at the International Conference in honor of Claude Lobry, which has been held at Saint-Louis, Sénégal in September 2007 [Oops!] , [Oops!] . See the web page

At the 2007 STATPHYS conference in Genova, D. Vanpeteghem and B. Haegeman have presented a poster on the "The dynamics of microbial diversity" (Section 6.1.5 ) and N. Mabrouk, G. Deffuant and C. Lobry a poster on "Population balance versus spatially explicit modelling of flock-forming bacteria dynamics" [Oops!] .

M. Dumont has delivered a lecture at the AFEM (association francophone d'écologie microbienne) 2007 conference held in La Grande Motte [Oops!] .

The team was associated by D. Dochain (CESAME, Louvain-la-Neuve, Begique) to his invited “keynote” (semi-plenary session) at the 10th Computer Applications in Biotechnology (CAB 2007), Cancun, Mexico [Oops!] .

C. Lobry has been invited to give a plenary lecture at the 5th Conference STIC & Environnement, Lyon, November 2007.

F. Campillo has given talks at

- the Montpellier Statistical Working group seminar (February 2nd)

- the INRA-IRD mathematical days (“Mathématiques pour les Ressources Renouvelables”, Montpellier, March 12-14)

- the International Operational Modal Analysis conference (IOMAC, Copenhagen, May 1-2) [Oops!]

- the Cooperative Research Initiatives' national days (IRISA-Rennes, Oct. 1-2)

- CIRAD (Montpellier, Oct. 12).

F. Campillo has participated in the workshop “New Directions in Monte Carlo methods” (June 25-29, Fleurance, France).

F. Mazenc has participated to the workshop “Séminaire Contrôle et Optimisation” (September 6-9, Valleraugue, France).


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