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MERE is a joint research team INRIA and INRA (UMR INRA/SupAgro “Analyse des Systèmes et Biométrie”, Montpellier, France).

Section: Members

Team Leader

Claude Lobry [ Professor, Université de Nice, HdR ]

Administrative assistant

Annie Aliaga [ secretary, part time ]

Research scientists

Fabien Campillo [ CR1, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (since July), HdR ]
Bart Haegeman [ CR2, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis ]
Jérôme Harmand [ CR1, INRA Narbonne, HdR ]
Patrice Loisel [ CR1, INRA Montpellier, part time ]
Frédéric Mazenc [ CR1, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, HdR ]
Alain Rapaport [ DR2, INRA Montpellier, HdR ]

Visiting scientist

Denis Dochain [ INRIA grant, from March 1st until May 31 ]

Post-doctoral fellow

Nicolas Desassis [ INRIA postdoctoral grant, since November 1st ]

PhD students

Ilse Callens [ INRA grant, until September ]
Miled El Hajji [ INRA grant, since December ]
Maxime Dumont [ INRA grant ]
Nabil Mabrouk [ INRIA/Cemagref grant ]

Former PhD students

Abdou Dramé [ PhD in 2005, presently assistant professor at Las Vegas University ]
Djalel Mazouni [ PhD in 2006, presently post-doctoral fellow at INRIA Futurs in SEQUEL project ]


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