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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Cédric Adjih, Emmanuel Baccelli, Philippe Jacquet, Anis Laouiti, Pascale Minet, Paul Muhlethaler, Dang Nguyen.

The CELAR project has started in April 2004 for three years. Its aim is to enhance the demonstrator of mobile ad-hoc network MANET/OLSR, previously implemented with secured routing, quality of service (QoS), and an OLSR/OSPF gateway. This project is funded by CELAR (Centre d'Electronique de l'Armement, French MoD/DGA). This testbed allows CELAR to make demonstrations with a real mobile ad-hoc network, and evaluate the potential benefits of such a network in military tactical applications, with a special focus on performances and reliability. It is made up of 18 nodes: 10 OLSR routers and 8 terminals (VAIOs and iPAQs). Routers and terminals are equipped with 802.11b cards and measurements tools on Linux. They implement the OLSR routing protocol. Performance measurements have been done in various configurations including different traffic types, network topology and mobility (e.g., pedestrian and/or vehicle).

More precisely, this project addresses four topics :

The solution proposed for these four topics have been implemented on the testbed. Measurements made on this testbed are close to the simulations results. This MANET/OLSR testbed is frequently used in the exhibits organized by CELAR. It allows CELAR to demonstrate that MANET with OLSR routing are good candidates for tactical networks.


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