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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Cédric Adjih, Anis Laouiti, Paul Muhlethaler, Yasser Toor.

COM2REACT's overall objective is to establish the feasibility of an effective control of traffic geared to address both efficiency and safety. Its implementation will involve the deployment of two two-way communication systems: vehicle to vehicle (V2V), and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I). This structure will facilitate significant improvement in the flow of information acquired by moving vehicles and in its quality and reliability, thereby enhancing road efficiency and traffic safety on urban, intercity arterials and rural roads. A key objective of COM2REACT is the implementation of the middle control level by means of a virtual traffic control sub-centre, which manages a moving group of vehicles in close proximity. The virtual sub-centre (VSC) functions locally via the V2V communication system, it also transmits, by means of the V2I communication, selective data to an RCC (Regional Control Center) and receives, in return, instructions to distribute to the vehicles. The role of VSC is set, unnoticeable by the driver, to one of the vehicles in the group according to rules imbedded in all COM2REACT vehicles. The potential impact of the COM2REACT project consists of the developing advanced systems for vehicle cooperation that enhance both safety and information on European roads.

By proving the efficiency of such architecture, COM2REACT will contribute significantly to the introduction of V2V technologies. In COM2REACT, the V2V technology will be based on the *OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing)* protocol. This protocol is optimized for dense networks, this is particularly well suited for Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks (VANETs). Multipoint routing extension of OLSR e.g. MOLSR (Multicast OLSR) or SMOLSR (Simple Multicast OLSR) can be very useful in VANETs and should probably be used in COM2REACT. The COM2REACT project and VANETs are excellent examples of application for the OLSR technology.


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