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Section: Dissemination

Participation in conferences and seminars

Participation in conferences

POPL: Principles of Programming Languages

(Nice, France, january).

Zaynah Dargaye, Damien Doligez, Alain Frisch, Xavier Leroy, François Pottier, Nicolas Pouillard, Didier Rémy, Andrew Tolmach, Jean-Baptiste Tristan and Boris Yakobowski attended.

TLDI: Types in Language Design and Implementation

(Nice, France, january).

Boris Yakobowski presented a paper  [Oops!] . Didier Rémy attended.

DAMP: Workshop on Declarative Aspects of Multicore Programming

(Nice, France, january).

Xavier Leroy attended.

PLAN-X: Programming Language Technologies for XML

(Nice, France, january).

Alain Frisch presented [Oops!] .

JFLA: Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs

(Aix-les-Bains, France, january).

Andrew Tolmach gave an invited talk about Operating Systems in Haskell. Sandrine Blazy attended.

ESOP; European Symposium on Programming

(Braga, Portugal, march).

Andrew Tolmach attended.

Mathematical Theories of Abstraction, Substitution and Naming in Computer Science

(Edinburgh, United Kingdom, may).

François Pottier gave a presentation.

MEMOCODE: Formal Methods and Models for Codesign

(Nice, France, may).

Xavier Leroy gave an invited talk on compiler verification.

RTA: Rewriting Techniques and Applications

(Paris, France, june).

Xavier Leroy gave an invited talk on compiler verification.

TLCA: Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications

(Paris, France, june).

Keiko Nakata attended.

WST: International Workshop on Termination

(Paris, France, june).

Keiko Nakata gave a presentation.

IFIP Working Group 2.8 “Functional Programming”

(Selfoss, Iceland, july).

Xavier Leroy gave a talk on the ongoing verification of a Mini-ML compiler. Didier Rémy gave a talk on MLF type inference.

LICS: Logic in Computer Science

(Wroclaw, Poland, july).

François Pottier presented a paper  [Oops!] .

C/C++ Verification Workshop

(Oxford, United Kingdom, july).

Sandrine Blazy presented  [Oops!] .

TPHOLs: Theorem Proving in Higher-Order Logics

(Kaiserslautern, Germany, september).

Sandrine Blazy presented  [Oops!] . Xavier Leroy gave an invited talk on compiler verification.

ICFP: International Conference on Functional Programming

(Freiburg, Germany, october).

Arthur Charguéraud, Zaynah Dargaye, Xavier Leroy, Benoît Montagu, Keiko Nakata, François Pottier, Nicolas Pouillard, Didier Rémy, Jean-Baptiste Tristan and Boris Yakobowski attended.

CUFP: Commercial Users of Functional Programming

(Freiburg, Germany, october).

Xavier Leroy gave an invited talk on industrial uses of Caml. Boris Yakobowski attended.

WMM: Workshop on Mechanizing Metatheory

(Freiburg, Germany, October).

Arthur Charguéraud, François Pottier and Boris Yakobowski attended.

PLPV: Programming Languages meet Program Verification

(Freiburg, Germany, October).

Arthur Charguéraud and François Pottier attended. François Pottier participated in a panel discussion.

MLW: ACM Workshop on ML

(Freiburg, Germany, october).

Didier Rémy gave an invited talk on MLF. Xavier Leroy attended.

LPAR: Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning

(Yerevan, Armenia, october).

Xavier Leroy presented [Oops!] .

JGA: Journées Graphes et Algorithmes

(Paris, France, november).

Sandrine Blazy and Benoît Robillard presented  [Oops!] .

Colloque STIC ANR

(Paris, France, november).

Xavier Leroy gave an overview talk and progress report on the Compcert project. Sandrine Blazy attended.

EffTT: Workshop on Effects and Type Theory

(Tallinn, Estonia, december).

Arthur Charguéraud gave a talk on his work with François Pottier on analysis of imperative programs.

Invitations and participation in seminars

Sandrine Blazy gave a talk about the Compcert C front-end compiler at the seminar of the Plan Pluri-Formation on “Secure software” of CNAM and LIP6 (Paris, june).

Alain Frisch participated in the Dagstuhl seminar “Programming Paradigms for the Web: Web Programming and Web Services” (Dagstuhl, Germany, january-february).

Alain Frisch was invited to give a talk on Practical Typechecking for Macro Tree Transducers at a meeting of the TRALALA ACI on XML transformation languages, logic and applications (Nice, january).

Alain Frisch gave a talk on Streaming for XML transformations at the Gemo seminar (Saclay, France, april).

Xavier Leroy gave a talk on verified compilers at the IRMAR/CELAR seminar on cryptography (Rennes, march).

Michel Mauny and Nicolas Pouillard visited the Intel research laboratory in Haifa (Israel) during one week in december.

Benoît Montagu gave a talk on first class module systems at the seminar of the PPS laboratory (Paris, november).

Andrew Tolmach gave a talk about Operating systems in Haskell at the seminar of LIP6 (Paris, june).


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