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Participant : Alain Frisch.

OCamlDuce is a modified version of OCaml that integrates most of CDuce features: XML regular expression types and patterns, XML iterators, XML Namespaces. The OCaml toplevel, byte-code and native compiler, and various tools have been adapted. OCamlDuce can use any library compiled by OCaml.

Whereas CDuce targets mostly XML-oriented applications (such as XML transformation), OCamlDuce makes it possible to develop large OCaml applications that also need XML support, with the same advantages as CDuce (syntactic support for XML and XML Namespaces, complex pattern matching over XML, efficient evaluation, strong typing guarantees).

OCamlDuce was first released in 2005. A key constraint in the design of OCamlDuce was to make it possible to follow the development of OCaml itself. In respect to this constraint, we can now report a preliminary successful conclusion: we have been able to follow the evolutions of the OCaml type checker without any problem. Upgrading OCamlDuce to a new OCaml release is a matter of minutes. This is important for the viability of the project.

Some users started to adopt OCamlDuce and reported positive feedback. A typical example of usage is the use of OCamlDuce in the development of an OCaml library to export OCaml functions as SOAP web services (SOAP being based on XML).

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