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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional projects


Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure, Matthieu Nesme.

We drive the MIDAS (Modèles Interactifs Déformables pour l'Aide à la Surgétique) project, which also involves laboratories TIMC and ICP, from 2005 to 2007. The goal of this project is to provide the biomechanics community with physically-based deformable models fast enough for use in per-operative planning, or in the context of trial-and-error parameter tuning where a large number of simulation are performed. These models (tetrahedral and hexahedral FEM) have been implemented in Sofa and compared to real data and to simulations made using the Ansys software during a student summer internship  [Oops!] .

IMAG project: MEGA

Participants : Marie-Paule Cani, Franck Hétroy, Lionel Reveret.

We also drive the MEGA (MEthodes Géométriques de décomposition et déformation de surfaces pour l'Animation 3D) project, involving the GIPSA-Lab (image processing) and the MGMI team from the LJK (applied maths). This projects aims at developing new approaches to surface deformation for character animation, using new geometrical models and tools with strong mathematical basis. It began in 2006 and ends in December 2007. Works described in Section 6.1.5 are part of this project.

PPF "Multimodal interaction"

Participants : Adrien Bernhard, Marie-Paule Cani, Paul Kry, Adeline Pihuit.

As a team of the LJK laboratory, we participle to the PPF (plan pluri-formation) 'Multimodal interaction' funded by the four universities of Grenoble, with GIPSA-lab, LIG, TIMC, LPNC. This year, we started a collaboration with Renaud Blanch from the IIHM group of the LIG, on the evaluation of the sketching and sculpting systems we developed for creating 3D shapes. See .

GRAVIT project: GVTR "GeoVisualisation en Temps Réel"

Participants : Eric Bruneton, Cédric Manzoni, Fabrice Neyret.

See section  7.4 .

LIMA "Loisirs et Images"

Participants : Eric Bruneton, Marie-Paule Cani, François Faure, Fabrice Neyret, Lionel Reveret.

LIMA (Loisirs et Images) is a Rhône-Alpes cluster project in the ISLE cluster (Informatique, Signal, Logiciel Embarqué). It federates many laboratories of the Rhône-Alpes region (LISTIC, LIRIS, LIS, CLIPS, LIGIV, LTSI, ICA and LJK ARTIS, EVASION, LEAR, MOVI) around two research themes: analysis and classification of multimedia data, and computer graphics and computer vision. The objectives are to index multimedia data with "high level" indexes, and to produce, analyze, animate and visualize very large databases, such as very large natural scenes.


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