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Section: Dissemination

Scientific Community

Pierre Boulet was in the steering committee and the program committee of FDL ( )since 2005. He is the UML topic program chair of FDL'07 and FDL'08. He is secretary and member of the executive committee of ECSI. He runs the UML for SoC design mailing list ( with 136 subscribers from all over the world. He is a member of the INRIA evaluation committee since September 2005. He was in several PhD thesis committees in 2007. He will be vice-director of the LIFL starting January 1st, 2008.

Jean-Luc Dekeyser has been member of different program committees: ECMDA-FA 2007, recosoc07, Soc'07, GTTSE'07; invited speaker in FETCH'07 Grenoble, referee for some journals and conferences in MDE and SoC design. He is project leader of the ModEasy interreg. He was in about ten PhD and HdR thesis committees. As director of the Ph.D. program at LIFL, Inria and Doctoral School SPI, he was involved in the belgium/france relationship concerning PhD program. He was visiting ENIS Sfax tunisa in january and november 2007.

Cedric Dumoulin was in the program committee of IDM 07 (French workshop on Model Driven Engineering) held in Toulouse ( ), and in the program committee of the special issue on MDE of the French review Revue Objet.

Philippe Marquet is in the program committee of the International Conference on Real-Time and Network systems (RTNS). He also served as referee for international journals and conferences in the field of real-time systems and hardware/software design.

The team organized the ModEasy workshop ( )that held in Barcelona in conjunction with the ECSI FDL conference. Rabie Ben Atitalah was program chair, S├ębastien Le Beux was chairman.


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