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Section: Overall Objectives

Towards architecture exploration

The Gaspard2 environment is dedicated to hardware/software co-design of dataflow dominated systems implemented on a single chip. To help the designer, such an environment should include a new approach for the evaluation of alternative software/hardware solutions. Several architectural solutions as well as several application specifications have to be evaluated with regard to their performance and cost. The goal is to select the best solution for the application, the architecture and the association of the former on the latter that satisfies the timing constraints and minimizes the cost.

The research activities we are achieving already generate metrics from SystemC simulations and the refactoring algorithm defined for the transformation of loops to particular multiprocessors are the first steps for exploration. The system exploration phase is implemented as an iterative process directed by the user. To make an automatic exploration system, we also need to be able to transform the multiprocessor description (size, network, memory) and to apply a multi-objective method. The space of solutions is huge and a fast simulation in SystemC at a high abstraction level is a good opportunity to reduce the space in a short delay. After that, a precise simulation at low level in SystemC or even in VHDL can start to refine the solution.


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