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Section: Other Grants and Activities

ModEasy Interreg III A Franco-English Cooperation

The ModEasy project ( )develops software tools and techniques in order to facilitate the development of reliable microprocessor-based electronic (embedded) systems using advanced development and verification systems. The defined tools will be evaluated in practical domains such as automotive.

We have two partners in this project. First, the University of Kent, which works on formal system verification, embedded system development support and hardware integration from research councils and industry. Second, the IEMN (Institut Electronique Microelectronique Nanotechnologies), which has substantial expertise in the safety of land-based transportation systems especially for collision avoidance.

In this context, we have proposed a FPGA prototype that merges a reactive cruise control and an anti-collision radar in a single chip. The results of all partners have been presented during ModEasy Workshop ( )that held in Barcelona in September 2007.


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