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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Collaboration within the competitiveness pole I-Trans

I-Trans is the official industrial cluster, which aims at bringing together major French actors in rail technology and innovative transport systems. The DaRT project strongly participates to this initiative through the collaborations with both concerned academic and industrial actors.

In this direction, we already have many discussions with partners (Inrets-Estas, Lagis, Lamih, Utc/Heudiasyc, Alstom and Certifier). These discussions lead to a few project proposals (Geneve, Klifr) that are under submission for ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) funding. The goal of these proposals concerns on the one hand, the decrease of validation and certification costs in the implementation of the new European railway system ERTMS/ETCS and on the other hand, the ease of interoperability through the mutual recognition of ERTMS components between European member countries. This qualification requires costly and long tests. More specifically, in the context of innovate equipments for railways, the objective consists in developing methods, models and tools dedicated to the generation of scenario tests for the validation of ERTMS components.

The contribution of the DaRT project to the definition of solutions to the above issues is twofold: first, its capabilities in the design of architectures and the association between application and architecture, so as to explore impacts on the test of the deployment on embedded architectures; second, its design experience in the automotive domain (see section 8.1 ).

These aspects are currently studied by a starting PhD student in the DaRT project, conjointly with test problematics. This thesis is co-supervised with the Lagis laboratory.


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