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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

The CORTESS Project: A Carroll Project

Partners:CEA, Thales, INRIA (AOSTE, DaRT, ESPRESSO). This project is the follow up of the PROTES Carroll project. Its goals were to finish the standardization of the MARTE profile that was started in the PROTES project. The partners of CORTESS along with the other members of the Promarte ( ) submission team have successfully submitted to the OMG a proposal complying to all the requirements of the MARTE request for proposal. This proposal has been standardized in July 2007 and is currently in finalization ( ).

As part of the CORTESS project, we have also upgraded the Gaspard2 profile to comply with MARTE by reusing as most as possible the modeling constructs provided by MARTE. With the delivery of this profile the CORTESS project is now closed.


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