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Section: Software

Keywords : Eclipse, IDE, SoC Design, Visual Design.


Participant : Pierre Boulet [ contact person ] .

Gaspard2 is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SoC visual co-modeling. It allows or will allow modeling, simulation, testing and code generation of SoC applications and hardware architectures.

Its purpose is to provide one single environment for all the SoC development processes:

The Gaspard2 tool is based on the Eclipse [55] IDE. A set of plugins provides the different functionalities. Gaspard2 is capable to chain transformations written with the MoMoTE plugin and, at the end, call a code generator written with the MoCodE plugin. Each transformations chain is described in a chain model conform to a chain metamodel. An important part of the core of Gaspard2 is an engine that executes models transformations chains.

Application, hardware architecture, association, deployment and technology models are specified and manipulated by the developer through UML diagrams, and saved by the UML tool in an XMI file format. Gaspard2 manipulates these models through repositories (Java interfaces and implementations) automatically generated thanks to the Ecore specification.


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