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Section: Software

Keywords : Code generation, MDE, MDA, model, language.


Participants : Cédric Dumoulin [ contact person ] , Anne Etien, Antoine Honoré.

MoCodE (Models to Code Engine) is an API that enables to perform model to text transformation. It takes as input a set of models conform to several metamodels and a set of Java classes. Then, it produces text files.

MoCodE recursively gets each element of input models and executes a corresponding Java code. The Java code is used to produces text files that can be code written in other languages. The Java code is generated itself from templates, written in JET (a part of the EMF plugin). Developers are in charge of the produced text (i.e. JET templates) and the division of the output files structure (the MoCodE engine configuration). At this time, DaRT uses it to produce OpenMP/FORTRAN, SystemC, LUSTRE and VHDL code from models conform to the Gaspard2 metamodel.

The MoCodE API is an Eclipse plugin based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) plugin. This is a part of the Gaspard2 software and processes last operations of its transformation chain. However, it can be used as an autonomous plugin in Eclipse.


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