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Section: Software


Participant : Brigitte Trousse [ correspondant ] .

“BibAdmin” developed by S. Chelcea. BibAdmin is a publication management tool corresponding to a collection of PHP/MySQL scripts for bibliographic (Bibtex) management over the Web. Publications are stored in a MySQL database and can be added/edited/modified via a Web interface. It is specially designed for research teams to easily manage their publications or references and to make their results more visible. Users can build different private/public bibliographies which can be then used to compile LaTeX documents. BibAdmin is made available from the end of 2005 under the GNU GPL license on INRIA's GForge server at: BibAdmin is ranked 22nd (with 1518 downloads on 1st October) among the most downloaded software on Gforge's server. For an illustration, see the publiaction server on AxIS web site. .

BibAdmin is used by AxIS for its Web server.


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