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Section: Software

Keywords : parser, consistency verification, validation, natural semantics.

CLF -Computer Language Factory

Participant : Thierry Despeyroux [ correspondant ] .

CLF is a toolbox designed to ease the development of efficient parsers in Prolog. It currently contains a couple of tools. The first one uses flex to perform lexical analysis and the second is an extension of Prolog DCGs [92] , [117] , [91] to perform syntactical analysis. It allows right recursion, take advantage of hash-coding of prolog clauses by modern prolog compilers and keep an automatic link to the source code to ease the development of tools as compilers with accurate error messages.

This toolbox has been used to produce a parser for XML. It has also been used to produce the specification formalism SeXML. The generated parsers have been intensively used in our team to parse and analyze XML files, mainly related to our research applied to the Inria annual activity reports.

A complete documentation is avalaible in [97] .


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