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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Analysis and Visualization of the History of the French Central Institutions

Participants : Jean-Daniel Fekete [ correspondant ] , Félicien François.

Millefeuille is a 2-year CNRS/ACI project (program “histoire des savoirs”) stated in 2006. The Millefeuille project (“Archeology of Administrative Knowledge”) is led by the French “École nationale des Chartes” with the French National Archives, INRIA, Univ. Sorbonne-Paris I and Univ. Paris X, as partners. It is aimed at analyzing the evolution of the organizational structure before and after the French revolution. The structure of French institutions is represented as a hierarchical or mostly hierarchical structure that evolves with time. This organization is used as a backbone for further analysis, such as the structural evolution of the organization or the path taken by administrative forms in the structure. From these perspectives, the project will study how various structural changes have affected the administrative practices and visualize their evolution through time.


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