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Section: Software

Keywords : XML, TEI Eclipse, Plugin, Information Visualization, Java.

XML/TEI Eclipse Plugin

Participants : Jean-Daniel Fekete [ correspondant ] , Félicien François.

The Millefeuille Platform is a Plugin for the Eclipse programming environment designed to assist historians in encoding their documents. It provides a set of mechanisms found in standard programming environments but not known by historians, including source version control (SVN), project management and asynchronous collaboration tools. The Plugin improves the standard XML editor of the Eclipse Platform with several encoding help for building multiple indexes, verifying the consistency of XML encoding based on high-level properties and dynamically apply a stylesheet to the XML encoded files. Indexes are one kind of cross-document structures that the Plugin can dynamically create from the XML structure.

The Millefeuille Platform is currently used to encode in XML/TEI a sample of the administration of France during 100 years, from just before the revolution to 100 years later. The encoding is done using a generated XML Schema based on TEI P5 (see . It is generated with the Roma tool ( ).

The Millefeuille Platform incorporates several checking and an experimental visualization module to show an overview of the French administration across time.

The Platform is described in  [Oops!]


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