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Section: Software

Keywords : Visual Analytics, Information Visualization, Java, JavaBean, Dataflow, Toolkit.

Dataflow Editor for Visual Analytics

Participants : Jean-Daniel Fekete [ correspondant ] , Nghi Do-Thanh, Howard Goodell, Nathalie Henry.

Building visual analytics application requires combining several analysis modules with visualizations where data sets come from data sources. To simplify this process, we are designing a work-flow visual editor that combines software modules interactively, can run them and can create a stand-alone application.

DeVa relies on the JavaBean component architecture. It allows users to connect JavaBean modules in a generic way using the JBeanStudio system  [51] . Visualization modules are built directly from the InfoVis Toolkit which implements the JavaBean architecture natively. To allow high-performance, large-scale processing, we rely on the data model designed for the InfoVis Toolkit. In-memory data tables can be shared between various modules, and views can be defined with local attributes. We are currently building and testing the infrastructure on our tools and on modules created by other research groups in Java or C++  [Oops!] .


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