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Section: Software

OpenNL - Open Numerical Library

Participants : Bruno Lévy, Nicolas Ray.

OpenNL is a standalone library for numerical optimization, especially well-suited to mesh processing. The API is inspired by the graphics API OpenGL, this makes the learning curve easy for graphics people. The included demo program implements our LSCM [6] mesh unwrapping method. It was integrated in Blender by Brecht Van Lommel and others to create automatic texture mapping methods. More recently, they implemented our ABF++ method [9] (developed in cooperation with University of British Columbia). It will shortly include the more recent linear ABF [Oops!] , that we developed in cooperation with Rhaleb Zayer (Max Planck Institute for Informatik). Our mesh unwrapping algorithms have now become the de-facto standard for mesh unwrapping in several industrial mesh modeling packages (including Maya, Silo, Catia).

CGAL parameterization package : this software library, developed in cooperation with Pierre Alliez and Laurent Saboret, is a CGAL package for mesh parameterization. It includes a special, generic version of OpenNL, compatible with CGAL requirements of genericity.


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