Team Alice

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Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
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Section: Application Domains

Keywords : Large Models, Graphic Clusters, Numerical mock-ups.

Numerical Mockups

Participants : Xavier Cavin, Bruno Lévy, Nicolas Ray, Rodrigo Toledo, Bruno Vallet.

Computed images and immersive visualization systems are used to design and evaluate virtual products in the aircraft and car industry. In this application, the CAD models used are extremely large and the images have to be computed from an accurate physically-based simulation process. Therefore, constructing the underlying representations from the data is difficult and often done manually. In a certain sense, one can say that the goal is to construct an abstraction of the geometry. Once the geometry is abstracted, re-instancing it into alternate representations is made easier. We are currently exploring the fundamental aspects of this point of view. Thus, we considered this year (2007) the more general problem of constructing a dynamic function basis attached to the geometric model. This abstracted form makes the meaningful parameters (or the “control knobs”) appear.


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