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Section: New Results

Multimedia Authoring

Techniques for editing structured multimedia documents constitute the backbone of the editors Amaya and LimSee3. Recent work carried out by the WAM team in this area was published in 2006. More precisely, the implementation work done in Amaya for supporting template-guided editing was published in [4] .

The first version of the LimSee3 authoring model is being completed. It is a generic document model for the representation of multimedia documents. A dedicated syntax developed to represent templates for these documents was presented in [6] . This modeling activity is performed through the analysis of requirements from communities of practice for authoring multimedia documents, in the context of the Palette European Project [5] .

An authoring system for interactive and spatialised audio is being built inside a graphical modelling framework. We define an XML format for JSR 234 (see section 3.4 ) which could be considered as a tiny XMF format playing the same role SVG Tiny is playing for SVG. This authoring system will enable to put artistic control in the hand of audio designers in the same way SVG Tiny allows to put artistic control in the hand of visual designers using an authoring system such as Adobe Illustrator, for instance.


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