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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European and International Grants

ARTIST2 Network of Excellence

Participants : Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand, Vlad Rusu.

We are partners of the ARTIST2 Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems ( ), involved in the Testing and Verification cluster with Brics in Aalborg (DK), University of Twente (NL), University of Liège (B), Uppsala (SE), VERIMAG Grenoble, ENS Cachan, LIAFA Paris, EPFL Lausanne (S). The aim of the cluster is to develop a theoretical foundation for real-time testing, real-time monitoring and optimal control, to design data structures and algorithms for quantitative analysis, and to apply testing and verification tools in industrial settings. For security, we plan to create a common semantic framework for describing security protocols including notion of "trust" and to develop tools and methods for the verification of security protocols. Test and verification tools developed by partners will be made available via a web-portal and with dedicated verification servers.

In Artist2, the main role of VerTeCs is to integrate our research on testing and test generation based on symbolic transition systems with other works based on timed models.

This year we participated in a cluster meeting that took place at the Embedded Systems Institute in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) in April 2006. We also participated to the second review meeting of Artist2 in Paris in November 2006. A three weeks visit of Thierry Massart (ULB) was funded by Artist2.

UIUC/CNRS/INRIA Collaboration

Participants : Vlad Rusu, Thierry Jéron.

This grant involving three groups, IRISA/INRIA, VERIMAG , and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Grigore Roşu), is concerned with various aspects of runtime analysis of software systems, and aims both at advancing theoretical foundations and at developing and improving supporting tools and prototypes.

Bilateral CNRS/CONICET Collaboration

Participant : Bertrand Jeannet.

This bilateral collaboration grant, between France and Argentina, involves 4 teams: the team MOVE of LIF (Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale) of Marseille (Peter Niebert) and the VerTeCs project, on the French side, the university of Cordoba (Pedro d'Argenio) and the La Empesa University of Buenos Aires (Alfredo Olivero), on the Argentinian side.

The aim of this collaboration (august 2005- august 2007) is to make progress in the verification of probabilistic timed concurrent systems. The VerTeCs project brings its expertise in algorithms and abstraction techniques implemented in the Rapture tool for Markov Decision Processes.

Our ambition is to progress in the following directions:

  1. Apply the abstraction techniques implemented in the Rapture tool and the probabilistic partial order reduction techniques to timed probabilistic automata, instead of untimed systems only;

  2. Extend the same techniques to the verification of untimed and timed temporal logical formula (expressed in the (timed) LTL logic);

  3. Explore the applicability of program slicing and abstract interpretation techniques to quantitative model checking;

  4. Explore the possibility to use these techniques for performance analysis;

  5. Implement the fundamental results;

  6. Analyse case studies in order to better understand the performances of the tools.


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