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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Contracts, Initiatives and Participation to Networks of Technological Research

Pôle de Compétitivité

Participant : Patrick Gros.

The French government organized in 2005 competitiveness poles (pôles de compétitivité ) in France to strengthen ties in given region between industries (big and small companies), research labs (both public and private ones) and teaching institutions (universities and schools of engineering). We play an active role in the pole called "Images and networks" whose main actors are Thomson and France Télécom and which is located in Brittany and Pays de la Loire. In this frame, we are part of a common project called "Semimges" with France Télécom, Thomson, TDF, and the R2D2 team (IRISA). This project should be 2 year long and should start in 2007.


Participants : Laurent Amsaleg, Vincent Claveau, Patrick Gros, Pascale Sébillot.

The French and German governments have launched a new initiative to build big common projects. We are part of the project named Quaero and which aims at developing technologies to create and exploit multimedia documents. The main partners are Thomson, France Télécom, DGA, CNRS. Many SME participates to this project like LTU, Exalead, Versys, Jouve, Bertin...The project is organized in four parts: content creation, content finding, core technologies and corpora. We are involved in the third of these parts. Our participation will mainly concern natural language processing, multimedia analysis and fast search algorithms.

Contract with Thomson

Participants : Patrick Gros, Siwar Baghdadi.

Duration: 36 months, starting in December 2005.

S. Baghdadi's Ph.D. thesis is supported by a CIFRE grant in the framework of a contract between Thomson and TexMex .

Contract with France Télécom

Participants : Patrick Gros, Gaël Manson.

Duration: 36 months, starting in November 2006.

G. Manson's Ph.D. thesis is supported by a CIFRE grant in the framework of a contract between France Télécom and TexMex .


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