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Section: Software

Experimental Platform

Participants : Laurent Amsaleg, Patrick Gros, Arnaud Dupuis, Cédric Dufouil, Pascale Sébillot.

Until 2005, we used various computers to store our data and to make our experiments. In 2005, we began some work to specify and set-up dedicated equipment to the experiments on very large collections of data. During 2006, we specified our first complete platform, which is organized around a very large storage capacity (between 64 and 100Tb), and containing acquisition devices (for Digital Terrestrial TV), computing servers and data servers. Two softwares were developed: one to manage the acquisition process and all the data already stored, the second one to allow an easy access to the data from processing programs (tmx-DIVA-solution). The platform will be completed with dedicated software to manage large collections of still images and all the metadata associated with the data. This platform is paid by a joint effort of INRIA, INSA Rennes and University of Rennes 1.


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