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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Visits of foreign researchers, Invitations to foreign labs

Visit from members of the Reykjavík University, Iceland

Participant : Laurent Amsaleg.

Partners: Bjorn Jónsson, Herwig Lejsek, Harnar Olafsonn, Fridrik Asmundsonn, Kari Hardarson.

In November 2005, Bjorn Jónsson, Herwig Lejsek, Harnar Olafsonn, Fridrik Asmundsonn spent a week at IRISA in the context of the Eff2 associate team. In May 2006, Kari Hardarson visited Texmex as well.

Visit to the Reykjavík University, Iceland

Participants : Laurent Amsaleg, Hervé Jegou.

Laurent Amsaleg made several visits to the Reykjavík University for work and for participating to master committees. Hervé Jégou spent a full week with Laurent Amsaleg in June working with the Icelandic partners.

Visit of A. Polguère and M.-C. L'Homme, University of Montreal

Participants : Vincent Claveau, Pascale Sébillot.

Partners: Alain Polguère, Professor at the University of Montreal, Canada, and head of OLST lab and Marie-Claude L'Homme, Professor at the University of Montreal, Canada.

In the framework of the collaboration between TexMex and OLST, A. Polguère and M.-C. L'Homme spent a week at IRISA. During this week, they worked on the lexical acquisition project and gave a seminar on the development of lexical and terminological resources.

Visit of J. Puranen, University of Helsinki

Participant : Annie Morin.

Partners: Juha Puranen, Professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Juha Puranen spent 10 days at IRISA working with Annie Morin on Java applets for data mining lectures. He came here with a grant from the AFFRST, Association franco-finlandaise pour la recherche scientifique et technique and the applets can be found on .

Visit to the University of Pernambouc, Brazil

Participant : Annie Morin.

After the ICOTS conference in July 2006 which has been hold in Salvador de Bahia, Annie Morin was invited by Francisco de Carvalho at the Computing centre of the federal university of Pernambouc (UFPE). She spent a week there working with students and giving a seminar on text mining.


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