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TexMex is a common project with CNRS, University of Rennes 1 and INSA. The team has been created on January the 1st, 2002 and became an INRIA project on November the 1st, 2002.

Section: Members

Head of the team

Patrick Gros [ Senior Research Scientist (DR) INRIA, HdR ]

Administrative Assistant

Loïc Lesage [ Secretary (TR) INRIA, partial position in the project-team ]

Faculty Members (University of Rennes 1)

Ewa Kijak [ Associate Professor (MCF), since September 1st ]
Annie Morin [ Associate Professor (MCF), HdR ]

Faculty Members (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes)

Pascale Sébillot [ Full Professor (PR), HdR ]
Anthony Remazeilles [ Assistant Professor (ATER), until August 31st ]

CNRS Staff Members

Laurent Amsaleg [ Research Scientist (CR) ]
Vincent Claveau [ Research Scientist (CR) ]

Research Scientists (partners)

Emmanuelle Martienne [ Associate Professor, University of Rennes 2, since October 1st ]
Laurent Ughetto [ Associate Professor, University of Rennes 2, since October 1st ]

Ph.D. Students

Siwar Baghdadi [ CIFRE grant with Thomson ]
Nicolas Bonnel [ Assistant Professor (ATER), National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes ]
Manolis Delakis [ MJENR grant, also with METISS, until October 31st ]
Stéphane Huet [ MJENR grant, also with METISS ]
Zied Jemai [ INRIA grant ]
Gaël Manson [ CIFRE grant with France Télécom, since November 1st ]
Fabienne Moreau [ Assistant Professor (ATER), University of Rennes 1 ]
Xavier Naturel [ INRIA grant ]
Nguyen Khang Pham [ also with Institut Francophone pour l'informatique, Hanoï, Vietnam ]
Pierre Tirilly [ CNRS - Brittany Council grant, since October 1st ]
François Tonnin [ INRIA - Brittany Council grant, also with TEMICS, until May 31st ]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Antoine Doucet [ INRIA grant, since October 1st ]
Hervé Jegou [ MJENR grant, until August 31st ]

Technical Staff

Cédric Dufouil [ INRIA Junior technical staff ]
Arnaud Dupuis [ INRIA Technical Staff ]
Pierre-Hugues Joalland [ AceMedia project ]


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