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Section: Software

Keywords : robot simulation, physics-based engine.

PuppetMaster - Generic 3D Robotics Simulator

Participant : Alexandre Devert [ correspondant ] .


PuppetMaster is an open source C++ 3d robotic simulation framework for scientific and educational purposes. It allows to describe simulation scenarios, robot morphologies and behaviors as a C++ plugin. A visualizer makes it possible to see a plugin in action. The simulation is based on realistic physical simulations, so the range of the representable robots and simulations scenarii covers all the practical cases. It allows rapid prototyping of both control algorithm and robot morphology. Combined with a numerical optimization framework, it allows fully automatic design of robots, with simulations scenarios as fitness measure. PuppetMaster was used to design a robot control algorithm independent from the morphology, allowing tests on snake-like and multi-legged robots.


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