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Section: Software

Keywords : Evolutionary Computation, Object-oriented, GUI, Java.

GUIDE: A graphical interface for EO

Participants : Marc Schoenauer [ correspondent ] , Damien Tessier.

Abstract: GUIDE is a graphical user interface for the Open Source library EO (see above). It allows the user to describe its genome (the structure that will evolve) graphically, represented as a tree, using containers and elementary types (booleans, integers, real numbers and permutations). All representation-dependent operators (initialization, crossover and mutation) can then be defined either using default values, built bottom-up from the elementary types, or user-defined operators. Developing a prototype for a new search space involving complex structures has now become a matter of minutes.

GUIDE was programmed in JAVA by James Manley during the 6 months of his DESS stage in 2004. It is a follow-up of a previous tool developed in collaboration with Pierre Collet in the DREAM project ( ).

After being linked with WEKA in 2005 (addition of a new type of genotype, compliant with Weka .aff files), GUIDE has not evolved in 2006. However, it has been chosen as the evolutionary basis for the EvoTest project: testing a given program means feeding it with data of a specific structure. Because the goal of EvoTest is to automatically evolve test data, we need an automatic code generator that only requires a description of the structure of the data to evolve – and this is precisely what GUIDE is doing. The main change will be to go from interactive graphical user interface to a fully automated program interface.


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