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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives

ADIGMA: a european project on the development of adaptive higher order variational methods for aerospace applications

Participants : Rémi Abgrall (leader of the project), Jérémie Gaidamour, Pascal Hénon, Adam Larat, Pierre Ramet, Mario Ricchiuto, Jean Roman.

Grant: European Commission

Dates: 2006-2009

Partners: AIRBUS F et AIRBUS D, DASSAULT, ALENIA, DLR, ONERA, NLR, ARA, VKI, INRIA, Nankin University, Universities of Stuttgart, Bergame, Twente, Nottingham, Swansea, Charles (Prague), Varsovie, CENAERO, ENSAM Paris )

Overview: Computational Fluid Dynamics is a key enabler for meeting the strategic goals of future air transportation. However, the limitations of today numerical tools reduce the scope of innovation in aircraft development, keeping aircraft design at a conservative level. Within the 3rd Call of the 6th European Research Framework Programme, the strategic target research project ADIGMA has been initiated. The goal of ADIGMA is the development and utilization of innovative adaptive higher-order methods for the compressible flow equations enabling reliable, mesh independent numerical solutions for large-scale aerodynamic applications in aircraft design. A critical assessment of the newly developed methods for industrial aerodynamic applications will allow the identification of the best numerical strategies for integration as major building blocks for the next generation of industrial flow solvers. In order to meet the ambitious objectives, a partnership of 22 organizations from universities, research organizations and aerospace industry from 10 countries with well proven expertise in CFD has been set up guaranteeing high level research work with a clear path to industrial exploitation.


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