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Section: Software

Keywords : fluid mechanics, inert and reactive flows (reactive flows, inert flows), multimaterial and multiphase flows (multimaterial flows, multiphase flows), upwind and residual distribution scheme (upwind scheme, residual distribution scheme).


Participants : Rémi Abgrall, Christophe Berthon, Cécile Dobrzynski-Proust, Boniface Nkonga [ corresponding member ] , Mikaël Papin, Mario Ricchiuto.

FluidBox   is a software dedicated to the simulation of inert or reactive flows. It is also able to simulate multiphase and multimaterial flows. There exist 2D and 3D dimensional versions. The 2D version is used to test new ideas that are later implemented in the 3D one. Two classes of schemes have been implemented: classical finite volume schemes and the more recent residual distribution schemes. Several low Mach preconditioning techniques are also implemented. The code has been parallelized with and without overlap of the domains. Recently, the PaStiX solver has been integrated in FluidBox . FluidBox has also been coupled with the EPSN plateform. In order to facilitate the project development, FluidBox has been downloaded on the INRIA/Gforge page. Up to now, it is only a private project, but we expect to open some part of the code to public.


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