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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Grants


Participants : Amine Abdelmoula, Bernard Philippe, Jocelyne Erhel.

The team SAGE collaborates with the laboratory LAMSIN at ENIT, Tunis. The collaboration is funded by an agreement between INRIA and the Ministry of University and Research in Tunisia. The title of the activity is ``Generalized Least Squares Problems - Application to the determination of the Geoid of Tunisia''. In that framework, M. Moakher (ENIT) and B. Philippe co-advise A. Abdelmoula's PhD research and collaborate with OTC (Office de Topographie et Cartographie), the Tunisian Department of Topography and Cartography. Also, J. Erhel collaborates with T. N. Baranger, A. Ben Abda and N.Hariga-Tlatli on energy-like error functionals for data completion. See sections 6.3.2 , 6.3.3 , 9.6.1 and 9.6.2 .

INRIA Euro-Mediterranean Program 3+3

Participants : Édouard Canot, Caroline de Dieuleveult, Frédérich Guyomarc'h, Bernard Philippe, Jocelyne Erhel.

Title: Numerical simulations in hydrogeology

This 3-year project includes six partners from Rabat, Annaba, Tunis, Naples, Barcelona and Rennes. The project deals with the numerical simulation of the groundwater flows and the transport of pollutants. The goal consists in organizing a network of teams which gathers expertise for the whole spectrum of the domain from the physical models, the mathematical methods, the numerical algorithms, the codes. The activity will be organized through a list of cooperative actions which will be defined during the first year. The network will be a training tool for each involved team. The success of the approach should be materialized after three years, by the availability of some common codes, by publications and by the ability to access and use computing grids.

A first workshop has been organized in Rabat (Sep. 20-22) [22] , [24] , [39] , [46] , [51] . From it, six tasks have been defined on topics including modelling, numerical approximations, inverse problems.

SARIMA - Support to Research Activities in Africa

Participant : Bernard Philippe.

SARIMA project Inria/Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Support to Research Activities in Mathematics and Computer Science in Africa

Partner : CIMPA (International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics)

Duration : 2004-2007.

The project SARIMA is managed by the ministry of Foreign Affairs. It involves INRIA and CIMPA as financial operators.

The aim of the project is to reinforce the cooperation between French research teams and African and Middle-East ones in mathematics and computer science. The strategy consists in reinforcing existing research teams so that they become true poles of excellence for their topic and their region. A network based organization should strengthen the individual situation of the groups. From the CARI experience (African Conference on Research in Computer Science) and the CIMPA's experience (International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics), the initial network includes seven teams (five teams in French speaking sub-Saharan countries, two teams acting for the whole Maghreba, one in Tunisia in Applied maths and one in Algeria in Computer Science, and one team in Lebanon).

The activity of the network is managed by the SARIMA GIS (Groupe d'Intérêt Scientifique). In this project, INRIA is responsible for all the visits of African researchers to research groups in France. In 2006, more than 120 researchers (PhD students and researchers) were funded to visit France for one to six months long visits.

B. Philippe is the coordinator of the project for INRIA and the president of the Goupement d'Intérêt Scientific which manages the project. The Sage team could hire five Ph-D students from Cameroon, Lebanon, Marocco and Tunisia, thanks to Sarima grants, with advisors in their respective countries. Exchanges could also be organized. See sections 6.1.1 , 6.2.5 , 6.2.6 , 6.4.1 , 6.2.1 , 6.3.2 , 9.6.2 .


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