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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Actions

The team R2D2 participates to the activities of:

ReMiX: Reconfigurable Memory for Indexing Huge Amount of Data (2003-2006)

Participants : Gilles Georges [Symbiose], Steven Derrien.

Indexing is a well-known technique that accelerates searches within large volumes of data such as the ones needed by applications related to genomics, to content-based image or text retrieval.

The ReMiX project proposes the design of a dedicated and very large index memory (several hundred of Giga-bytes, distributed among a cluster of nodes), big enough to entirely store huge indexes and avoid the use of any disk.

In addition, the index memory uses reconfigurable hardware resources to tailor – at the hardware level – the memory management to best support the specific properties of the indexing schemes. It also offers the opportunity to implement algorithms having potential parallelism.

An hardware platform based on Flash memory technology is being developed by the R2D2 team. The platform consists of several computing nodes connected through a high performance network interface. Each node is based on a Xilinx FPGA processing element coupled to 64 Gbyte of Flash memory. This approach allows to combine the benefits of hard-drive storage (non-volatility, density), with those of memory (bandwidth, access time) to efficiently support large indexed databases.

This three-year project (October 2003 - September 2006), coordinated by the Symbiose project, is funded by the French ministry (ACI Data Mass program). The team R2D2 is strongly involved in the design of the hardware platform.

OverSoc (2005-2008)

Participants : Daniel Chillet, Sébastien Pillement.

OveRSoC is an ANR project which has been contracted in december 2005 for 3 years. The project objective is to develop such global exploration methodology to evaluate and validate the interactions between an embedded RTOS and a Reconfigurable SoC (RSoc) platform. The OveRSoC project aims also at furnishing SoC designers with a framework for choosing the right RTOS services architecture according to a particular reconfigurable SoC platform. This project involves Architecture team of Etis (UMR 8051) and the Lisif laboratory (EA 2385).


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