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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Actions

Fastnet: Fast Adaptative Secure Technology for high-speed NETwork (2005-2007)

Participants : Georges Adouko, François Charot.

The Fastnet project has been contracted in March 2005, It is granted by the Brittany Region and it involves ENST Bretagne. It tackles the problematic of high-rate filtering, using architectures based on reconfigurable components that allow at the hardware level, specific filtering algorithms to be implemented, and exhibiting this way a high degree of parallelism.

CAPTIV (2006-2008)

Participants : Olivier Berder, Tuan Duc Nguyen, Olivier Sentieys.

The CAPTIV project has been contracted in January 2006. It is granted by the Brittany Region and it involves ENST Bretagne and IETR laboratories. The scientific objective of this research program is the study and the realization of communication systems between vehicles and road infrastructure (e.g. signs traffic) at low cost and at low-energy consumption .

PucesCom-Santé (2006-2008)

Participants : François Charot, Patrice Quinton, Olivier Sentieys, Charles Wagner.

The PucesCom-Santé project has been contracted in January 2006, It is granted by the Brittany Region. PucesCom-santé is managed by the Brittany branch of the ENS de Cachan and it involves several laboratories of the Brittany region: LPBEM (Rennes 2), IRISA, IETR and LTSI. The project concerns the use of a biometric data sensor network for the follow-up of the physical activity and energy expenditure of a population


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