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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR RNRT SVP (2006-2008)

Participants : Olivier Berder, Mickaël Cartron, François Charot, Ludovic L'Hours, Olivier Sentieys, Patrice Quinton, Charles Wagner.

The main goal of the ANR SVP ( ), (SurVeiller et Prévenir ) project is to study, to experiment and to realize an ambient integrated architectural framework dedicated to the design and to the deployment of services into a dynamic sensor network. The proposed framework will consist in designing a system architecture that will meet the objective of ease of use or convenience while also taking into account and adapting all specific characteristics of wireless sensor nodes like drastic resource constraints. Since we are convinced that only technologies are not enough to spread and promote advanced researches we insist on the societal aspects of the project by also taking into account the final user. The second main objective of the SVP project is to deploy real applications in situ in order to adapt the technology available on the shelf to the reality. The first application will consist in deploying a sensor network that will record the physical activity of school children in order to study and prevent childhood obesity. In the second application, a sensor network will be deployed in an harbor area in order to warn workers when risk of accident may arise and to help in localizing and optimizing the containers management.


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