Team R2D2

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Section: Overall Objectives


Research undertaken within the team R2D2 aims at facilitating the design of reconfigurable hardware systems, by proposing models of architectures and associated design methodologies which favor the adequacy between the algorithms of the applications and the architectures supporting the implementation. The team links together three main directions.

New architectures and technologies

Our studies, motivated by the constraints of high-performance, flexibility, and low-power consumption, focus on the following topics:

Modeling, synthesis and compilation targeting reconfigurable platforms

The implementation of an application on a reconfigurable platform requires a large set of techniques. Successive refinements lead to the implementation choices of the various parts of the application on the components of the platform. Our studies focus on the following aspects: SoC modeling, synthesis of dedicated hardware accelerators, processor modeling and flexible compilation, floating-point to fixed-point conversion.

Study of applications

Third and fourth-generation mobile telecommunications are our privileged field of applications. Moreover other application domains are considered: cryptography and traffic filtering in high-speed networks, image indexing, speech processing. Our research include the prototyping of applications on reconfigurable and programmable platforms.


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